Tracey Harrap (aka Goldie) is originally from New Zealand-Aotearoa, ‘Land of the long white cloud’. Goldie and her faithful dog Bee-Bee now make their home on the North Shore of Maui, Hawai'i -- often referred to as the Valley Isle or Magic Isle.  Goldie truly is an Island Girl, having moved from one island to another.

Her passion for competitive windsurfing led her to Maui and when she is not creating, Goldie is still ripping it up on the waves, enjoying a variety of water sports. If she is not on, in, or under the water, then she is out and about, frolicking in some kind of land activity: from gardening or mountain biking to simply enjoying the beauty surrounding her.  

"My personality pairs well with my zodiac sign - the Capricorn: half goat, half fish.  Balancing the enjoyment of both the land and ocean sure makes life interesting!" 

Along with her enthusiasm for the joys of her island home, Goldie also has a love for animals.  Many a lost or injured creature, two- or four-legged, finds her coming to their rescue.  She also enjoys participating in local environmental education projects and work gatherings. 

Goldie is a self-taught artist.  She continues to find inspiration for her artwork in the diversity of the Hawai'ian Islands: from the people, the creatures of land and sea, and from what nature offers.  Among her many other talents, she is also a well-respected woodworker and her work can be found in many Island homes. She has always learned by being 'a hands on' sort of girl.  She enjoys the challenge of creating something different, with wood, paint or other available mediums.